Exploring the New Chat System


Howdy TruckersMP community!

We are excited to share some news with you all, our Development team have been working hard, and we are delighted to present the new and improved chat system - now available on TruckersMP!

What's New?

Though the new chat system retains the familiar TruckersMP style, it has undergone a complete overhaul, bringing numerous improvements to this popular tool.

Enhancing Accessibility and Experience

One of the most significant improvements is the enhanced accessibility now offered by the chat system. The text font is now easier to read, and the font size is larger right from the start. Additionally, your screen size should never limit your experience. With functional scaling, the chat system automatically resizes based on your resolution. Whether you're playing on a larger or smaller screen, everything adapts seamlessly, giving you the best possible experience. Additionally, you can manually scale the size of HUD elements through the interface settings.

Mouse Input Customization

You can now interact with the chat using your mouse by scrolling through the chat and clicking on player names and mentions. To provide the best possible experience, we have enabled mouse input by default. However, we are well aware that many players use mouse input for steering, and we've got you covered! It is possible to disable this feature through the interface settings.

Streamlined Keyboard Shortcuts

We have made a small change to the keyboard shortcuts. The F9 key no longer hides or shows the chat window. Instead, we've streamlined it to align with the rest of the GUI (Graphical User Interface), and the F11 key now serves this purpose.


That's not everything! We have prepared a few more changes:

  • Text Magic at Its Finest: Say goodbye to those irritating missing characters - our new font engine supports various character sets, including Chinese, Georgian, and even emojis, ensuring everyone's messages look perfect.
  • Type Confidently: The input box has had a makeover - it can now handle longer messages (up to 200 characters) without cutting them off and supports commands (like Ctrl + Shift + arrows).
  • Never Miss a Beat: Keep up with the conversation - the message history can now store up to 60 messages, and you can easily scroll through them.
  • Time Stamps for Your Convenience: We've added time stamps to player messages, so you'll know when something was said. If you like a cleaner look, you can easily hide them in the settings.
  • Chat with Ease: Using commands and mentioning other players is easier than ever, as the chat system offers dynamic autocomplete suggestions, making chatting a breeze.




Your Feedback Matters!

As with any update, your feedback is invaluable to us. We want to ensure that the new chat system meets your expectations and works seamlessly. Contact the Support Team if you find a bug and Community Management for suggestions and feedback. This will help us to refine and improve this update further.

So, buckle up truckers! The new chat system is ready for action. We can't wait for you to try it out and have a blast chatting away with other drivers.

Happy trucking and keep those wheels rollin'!
-TruckersMP Team

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