Incompatible ATS & ETS2 version

American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 were just updated to version 1.44!
We do not support this update yet, but fortunately it is possible to downgrade to 1.43.

For information on downgrading your game, please click here

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13 Sep

> Truck Job Dispatcher

Find out more about our new Truck Job Dispatcher here!

13 Sep 2021 15:06 UTC | Community Management
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1 Aug

> 1.41 Support Released!

We are all very excited to announce that TruckersMP is now compatible with version 1.41!

01 Aug 2021 16:24 UTC | Community Management
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25 Jul

> Patreon & Supporters Convoy - Sunday 1st August 2021

Join us on the Patreon convoy, as we all come together to drive through the lovely scenery of Germany.

25 Jul 2021 12:23 UTC | Community Management
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18 Jul

> Game Development Update

Our lead developer 'mwl4' presents an insight towards the future of TruckersMP and discusses the aspect of SCS Software's Convoy gamemode.

18 Jul 2021 21:09 UTC | mwl4
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21 Jun

> Summer on TruckersMP

It's finally summer! We're excited to announce our continued support for the summer environmental mod for summer 2021.

21 Jun 2021 14:32 UTC | Phon
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15 Jun

> State of the Project and the Future

Providing an update about ongoing plans and what is to be expected.

15 Jun 2021 18:22 UTC | Smoky