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1 Apr

> Server Funding

*Note:* This was our april fools joke this year, and is not actually a thing. Hi everyone, As you all (probably) know, running a server isn't free, and this is...

01 Apr 2017 11:36 UTC | Community Management
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12 Mar

> About Rising Tensions Turkey and The Netherlands

Hello truckers, Due to the rising tensions between the Netherlands and Turkey, we would like to remind our players about our rules. **Remember that racism, abusive behaviour and insulting are...

12 Mar 2017 13:11 UTC | Community Management
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24 Feb

> PSA: Cloudflare security issue

Yesterday [Cloudflare][cf], which TruckersMP use for layer 7 protection, [made a chilling incident report available][announcement]. The issue was discovered by [Tavis Ormandy][tavis] from Google Project Zero, and was disclosed to...

24 Feb 2017 15:38 UTC | Community Management
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25 Dec

> Released

Hello! New version has been released. Changelog: - Support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 ver. [4eac3ea8c0e5] - Chat improvements (cursor is movable now, fixed possible crash) - Fixed...

25 Dec 2016 04:53 UTC | Kat_pw
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21 Dec

> Wintermod has arrived!

Good Day!! We're pleased to announce the release of: Wintermod (ETS2) - Supplied by grimes : singleplayer version here *Launcher:* - Added version info - Dynamic background image -...

21 Dec 2016 04:45 UTC | Kat_pw
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18 Dec

> Auto Updater Released

Greetings! We have made some small changes to the updater. * Compiled with lower .net framework (Hopefully this will fix users on old versions on win 7 from "Update Server...

18 Dec 2016 00:01 UTC | Kat_pw