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中国TRT车队公共活动 / China TRT Fleet Public Events

By [TR-Team]*OA_Edwario   |   18 Nov 2020 07:34 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC





China TRT fleet public events

Today is the 11th TRT team public event. It is hosted by TRT team. Thank you very much for participating in this event. It will be the first anniversary of TRT team in two months. I hope TRT team and each team will become more and more prosperous. !

The server of this event is server A, and the departure time is: 20:30. The teams participating in this event are: RK team, GTR team, TRT team, COS team. The route is: Mannheim-Calais, the whole journey is about 968 kilometres.

After the event, the captain of the TRT team spoke on behalf of the team, wishing the team a long-lasting friendship!

Moreover, we also thank to our participants of this event. It was you who sparkle ourselves in representing the VTC.

presented below are some photos taken within the event, please take a glance of them


2 -出发 Departure

3 -抵达 Arrival

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18 November 2020


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