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Tag: |T.R.T| VTC
Language: Chinese
Created: 08 Mar 14:33 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [TR-Team]*CEO_qinghu
Members: 84
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

热烈庆祝本车队VTC获得官方认证/Congratulation that our team has passed the official certification

十分开心,我们车队也成为了被官方认可的车队之一! It is very amazing that our team has become one of the official-certification team!

  |   26 May 16:02 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ


TR-Team CC Team Recruitment

  |   30 Apr 11:25 UTC   |   [GTR - 112] Driver

2020年4月4日,中国抗击肺炎哀悼日/4th April 2020, The Chinese Mourning Day of Fighting Against Corona Virus

TRT车队向在抗击肺炎期间牺牲的同胞和烈士们表示哀悼和致敬 Our team shows our condolence and respect to the people and soldiers who were dead during the Battle of Corona Virus

  |   03 Apr 17:18 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

[T.R.T]车队全面招收欧卡新老玩家以及管理层/[T.R.T] Team now recruiting new&old players and managers

[T.R.T] TR-Team车队创立于2020年1月11日,TR (The DreamOf Racing) :竞速之梦。Team:团队。 TR-Team车队中文解释:拥有竞速之梦的团队。TR-Team车队简称: TRT车队 [T.R.T] TR-Team was created in 11.01.2020. TR: The DreamOf Racing The Chinese explanation of our team is: The team which owns a dream of racing

  |   21 Mar 14:17 UTC   |   [TR-Team]-CIO-イリヤ

中国TRT车队公共活动 / China TRT Fleet Public Events

Thanks for all the organizers and managers that presented this wonderful event to us.

18 Nov 07:34 UTC   |   [TR-Team]*OA_Edwario



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