The management department held a sub-club plan

By Cupid_Club-001   |   28 Jun 2021 15:09 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

管理部召开 子俱乐部计划


The management department held a sub-club plan

 Time: 20:30, June 20, 2021

  • 俱乐部全员参与提出对俱乐部 子俱乐部计划
  • 时间:8.:00-9:00
  • 方式:YY语音
  • 本次会议圆满结束

  • All managers participated in the proposed summer plan for the club
  • Time: 8.:00-9:00
  • Method: YY voice
  • The meeting ended successfully

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1:对管理人员的重新分配 2:子俱乐部一些不完善的地方整改以及子车队的独立性(考察中) 3:人员的招募

Carry out a sub-club plan for the team (planning)

1: Redistribution of management personnel 2: Rectification of some imperfect parts of the sub-club and the independence of the sub-team (under investigation) 3: Recruitment of personnel



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