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Tag: Cupid_
Language: Chinese (Simplified)
Created: 22 Mar 2020 05:10 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Cupid_Club-001
Members: 81
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

China.QBT_VTC 考核规定

--- # 联运时间 * 我们的联运将在每天晚上的8:15-10:00(UTC+8)进行! * 我们不会发起在10:00以后发车的联运!(个人联运除外) ---

  |   17 Jul 2020 10:36 UTC   |   Cupid_Club-001

Congratulations on Cupid Club becoming the 16th officially certified vocational training center in China

祝贺丘比特俱乐部成为中国第16家正式认证的职业培训中心 全球TMP 第51家认证的VTC Congratulations on Cupid Club becoming the 16th officially certified vocational training center in China and the 51st VTC certified by TMP in the world

  |   15 Jul 2020 02:02 UTC   |   Cupid_Club-001

Club Driving Skills Monthly Test

* At this stage all personnel must participate in formal training! * Management training content: 1. Management regulations during regular combined transportation! 2. Reversing training is divided into: single hanging-double hanging-three hanging 2.1. Single hanging-(must be skilled in reversing) Double-hanging-(Master and understand) Three Hanging-(Master and understand)

28 Jun 2021 15:10 UTC   |   Cupid_Club-001

The management department held a sub-club plan

# Carry out a sub-club plan for the team (planning) 1: Redistribution of management personnel 2: Rectification of some imperfect parts of the sub-club and the independence of the sub-team (under investigation) 3: Recruitment of personnel

28 Jun 2021 15:09 UTC   |   Cupid_Club-001

Cupid Club participates in the public event of the famous team

English: 1. On June 18, Cupid Club participated in the public event of Mingyang Motorsport 2. Server: S2 3. Route: Milan-Calais Pier

28 Jun 2021 14:50 UTC   |   Cupid_Club-001



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  1. 拥有steam正版游戏

  2. 联运期间必需YY上线配合车队联运指挥,YY必须有清晰麦克风,(不说话也可以但必须听指挥)

  3. 年龄:满足16岁

  4. 入队后联运期间禁止超车,若违反警告一次,情节严重由管理层决定处理。

  5. 清晰车队规章制度不违反,如有意见情况向纪检部提出。

Image description

  • 以上内容以内容[最终解释权归丘比特俱乐部所有] *

Entry requirements:

  1. Have a genuine steam game

  2. During the intermodal transportation, YY must be on-line to cooperate with the team's intermodal command, and YY must have a clear microphone (can not speak, but must listen to the command)

  3. Age: 16 years and above

  4. It is forbidden to overtake during the intermodal transportation after joining the team. If the warning is violated once, the management will decide to deal with the serious situation.

  5. Clear the rules and regulations of the team and do not violate them. If there are any opinions, please refer to the discipline inspection department.

  6. Team audit QQ group: 550356022

  • The above contents shall be explained in Chinese finally [Cupid club has the final right of interpretation] *

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