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By Cupid_Club-001   |   22 Mar 15:53 UTC

尊敬的各位Euro Truck Simulator 2玩家大家好~很高兴在这里与大家相聚、也很荣幸借此良机,与诸位相识。今天,我怀着无比激动的心情,共同庆贺Cupid_俱乐部的成立,我代表Cupid_俱乐部对广大Euro Truck Simulator 2 玩家的欢迎!

2020年03月22日是Cupid_俱乐部成立的大喜日子,在这之前1个月里,我搞了各车队友谊联运群取得圆满成功!目前在内车队达到39家车队,参与本群组织的大联运2俩次 虽然磕磕绊绊 但是圆满结束!感谢本群内各个车队的支持!我会继续发展联运交流群!~随着时间的推移,相信我们的车队会更加发展壮大~祝贺大家车队一路长红!越来越好!

联运交流群的发展是各位车队共同努力的结果。在此我应该感谢各位车队:   V8车队 LT车队 FL车队 LK车队 RS车队 SG车队 KT车队 RT车队 ZC车队 TRG车队 AHC车队 AMG车队 CNA车队 CET车队 CSD车队 EGM车队  FTB车队 GTS车队 STY车队 TCS车队 TDY车队 THL车队 TRT车队 WTO车队  ZXS车队
恒定车队 航天车队 京东车队 领峰车队  顶峰车队 猎鹰车队 明心车队 散人车队  巡航车队 战狼车队 忠义车队 GT战龙车队 的支持 希望大家成为至真 至诚的好朋友。


Dear Euro Truck Simulator 2 players, hello everyone ~ It is a great pleasure to be here with you, and it is also an honor to take this opportunity to get to know you. Today, I am very excited to celebrate the establishment of Cupid_ club together. On behalf of Cupid_ club, I welcome the vast number of Euro Truck Simulator 2  players!

March 22, 2020 is the big day for the establishment of Cupid_ club. In the month before this, I have successfully organized the friendship intermodal transport group of all teams. At present, there are 39 fleets in the fleet, participating in the large-scale intermodal transportation organized by this group 2 times, but it has come to a successful conclusion despite stumbling. Thank you for your support! I will continue to develop intermodal communication groups! ~ with the passage of time, I believe our team will grow stronger and stronger ~ congratulations to everyone on the long journey! Better and better!

The development of intermodal communication groups is the result of the joint efforts of all teams. Here I should like to thank all the teams:

V8 team lt team fl team lk team rs team sg team kt team rt team zc team


STY team TCS team TDY team THL team TRT team  WTO team   ZXS team

Constant Fleet Space Fleet Jingdong Fleet Leads Peak Fleet Peak Fleet Falcon Fleet Mingxin Fleet Scattered People Fleet Cruise Fleet Wolf Warriors Fleet Loyalty Fleet GT Battle Dragon Fleet Support Hope All of You Become True and Sincere Friends.

Finally, thank you all ~



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