因为你的到来、Cupid_俱乐部显得更加生机 因为你的加入、Cupid_俱乐部显得更加完美!

Cupid, China_ The club experiences the past

By Cupid_Club-001   |   08 Jul 2020 13:06 UTC

 # 中国 Cupid_俱乐部

  • 历经3个月的时间,经历风风雨雨,俱乐部最珍贵的地方
  • 就是把一群志同道合的青年们聚集到了一起
  • 大家一起开开心心玩游戏
  • 这种精神一直都存在我们的俱乐部中
  • 老队员教给了我许多东西
  • 在我看来
  • 他们是最有棒的
  • 他们的汗水里是拼搏
  • 泪水里是不甘
  • 上天欠他们一点幸运
  • 而我遗憾的是没能向他们多学点东西
  • 面对这样一个俱乐部
  • 你会恨它吗?对于俱乐部
  • 我只有爱,只有一份自豪


  • 幸福是什么?
  • 也许幸福于本书
  • 幸福于句话
  • 幸福于首音乐
  • 幸福于首诗歌
  • 幸福于盏为你亮灯
  • 幸福于杯为你晾茶。 俱乐部
  • 幸福就是在起玩耍娱乐创造激情!
  • 无事时,澄然。有事时,断然。意时,淡然!
  • 心若年轻,则岁月老!
  • 无论时光如何流转,守住心中那季春暖花开
  • 其实,我们想要幸福,直都在。
  • 桃花笑尽春风,再难觅。何人相守,何处相聚?
  • 挥袖抚琴,七弦玲珑,芦苇客舟,雨朦胧。
  • 纤指红尘,醉影笑惊鸿,皓月长歌,把酒临风,倾杯畅饮,尽长虹。
  • 愿我们抹去忧愁,随时都能欢乐开怀! # 对俱乐部的建议   * 其次,我希望留给俱乐部一点建议,听起来比较虚,其实就是对每个新队员的一点建议,每个队员对自己的两点要求。一,大家在友谊联运的时候听从指挥,别让车他车队看不起规规矩矩!大家私下就没那么多规矩放开自己大家愉快玩耍!;二,大家玩的时候能聊聊天说说话,交给朋友吗,未来自己成就的高低取决于你的人脉!   就是这么简单,相信你做好了,俱乐部就好了。最后大家一起努力共同创建好俱乐部,以后让你感到自豪与幸福,你一定会为自己加入车队感到幸运。   感谢自己加入了这个俱乐部

#Cupid, China_ club *After three months, through ups and downs, the club's most precious place *A group of young people come together *Let's play the game happily *That spirit has always been in our club *The old players taught me a lot *In my opinion *They are the best *Their sweat is hard work *In tears is unwilling *God owes them a little bit of luck *And I'm sorry I didn't learn more from them *Facing such a club *Would you hate it? For clubs *I have only love and only one pride #Where is the scenery of life. Sunny day is scenery, rainy day is also scenery. *What is happiness? *Maybe happy with this book *Happiness in words *Happiness in music *Happiness in a poem *Happiness in a lamp for you *Happiness in the cup for you to air tea. club *Happiness is playing, entertainment and creating passion! *When nothing happens, be clear. When something happens, be sure. Meaning, indifferent! *If the heart is young, the years are old! *No matter how the time flows, keep the spring flowers blooming in my heart *In fact, we want happiness, straight in. *Peach blossom smile, spring breeze, hard to find. Who will stay together and where will we get together? *Waving sleeves, playing the piano, seven strings exquisite, reed passenger boat, rain hazy. *Pointing to the world of mortals, drunk shadow smile startles Hong, bright moon long song, wine facing the wind, pour a cup to drink, do Changhong. *May we erase our sorrow and be happy at any time! #Suggestions for the club *Secondly, I would like to leave some suggestions to the club. It sounds hollow. In fact, it is a little advice for each new player and two requirements for each player. 1、 Everyone in the friendship transport time to obey the command, don't let the car his team look down on the rules and regulations! We don't have so many rules in private. Let go of ourselves and have fun! Second, can you talk and make friends when you play? Your future achievements depend on your contacts! It's so simple. I believe that if you do it well, the club will be better. Finally, we will work together to create a good club. In the future, you will feel proud and happy. You will be lucky to join the team. Thank you for joining the club



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