I wish all TMP players a happy July

By Cupid_Club-001   |   09 Jul 2020 10:02 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

  1. 生命的结束并不意味着一切都结束了,在死之后却仍然会焕发一片新的生机。结束即是新的开始。
  2. 早起要做到,对着镜子笑,折射出美好,烦恼全部消,晨光来拥抱,好运不会少,祝福来报到,向你道声早,祝你心情妙,幸福直到老!早安,朋友!
  3. 别因过度的忙碌而冷淡了问候,别因太多的追求湮没了享受,人生的全部不是工作,请享受生活的赐福,发发短信,传送祝福!周末快乐!
  4. 向周末出发,不管去向哪,心情要放假,祝福要到达,睡个懒觉吧,不用在害怕,快乐就像空中飘荡的音浪,一起来吧!
  5. 再牛掰的梦想,也经不住你一如既往如每天吃饭般的坚持。没有人的命运是盘注定会输的棋,用有限的人生活出最大的格局。只要坚信,我们一定可以!
  6. 用快乐带动心情,用观念导航人生,用执着追求事业,用真诚对待朋友,用平淡对待磨难,用努力追求幸福,用感恩对待生活!   
  7. 人能为自己心爱的工作贡献出全部力量、全部精力、全部知识,那么这项工作将完成得出色,收效也更大。   
  8. 错过花开,你会收获果实;错过日出,你会收获艳阳;错过风吹,你会收获雨淋;错过雨淋,你会收获彩虹;错过平日联络,你会收获周末问候:周末快乐!

  1. The end of life doesn't mean that everything is over, but after death it will still glow with new vitality. The end is a new beginning.
  2. To get up early, smile in the mirror, reflect the beautiful, worry all disappear, embrace in the morning, good luck will not be less, blessing to report, say good morning to you, I wish you a good mood, happiness until old! Good morning, friend!
  3. Don't be too busy and cold greetings. Don't forget the enjoyment because of too many pursuits. Life is not all about work. Please enjoy the blessings of life, send SMS and send blessings! Happy weekend!
  4. Set off for the weekend, no matter where you go, you should have a holiday, wish to arrive, sleep in, don't be afraid, happiness is like the sound wave in the air, come together!
  5. No matter how hard you dream, you can't stand your persistence like eating every day. No one's fate is a chess game that is doomed to lose. The biggest pattern is to live with limited people. As long as we firmly believe, we can!
  6. Drive the mood with happiness, guide life with ideas, pursue career with persistence, treat friends with sincerity, treat tribulations with indifference, pursue happiness with efforts, and treat life with gratitude!
  7. If a person can contribute all his strength, energy and knowledge to his beloved work, then the work will be completed excellently and the effect will be greater.
  8. Miss the flowers, you will harvest the fruit; miss the sunrise, you will harvest the bright sun; miss the wind, you will harvest the rain; miss the rain, you will harvest the rainbow; miss the weekday contact, you will harvest the weekend greetings: happy weekend!

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