Cupid Club discipline!

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  1. 车队联运时需上YY频道:32759418车队专用频道进行语音沟通,禁止一切形式的游戏内置语音,语音是一个车队的灵魂,在进游戏时务必将游戏声音调小,确保能够听清车队行驶过程中的突发事件和指挥。本俱乐部子频道密码禁止外泄,防止其他车的恶意捣乱
  2. 秉承中国人五千年文化历史,平等,互相尊重的基础上进行友好的交流,禁止互喷和嘲讽,学会互相体谅。
  3. 车队的指挥有专人进行指挥,在你不是指挥官的情况下,不要随便的指挥,在头车报点和尾车交流中,所有人禁止卡麦,在别人说话的过程当中请不要卡麦,等别人说完你在说,学会尊重别人你也会得到尊重。



  1. 发车时,需按照指示发车,按照游戏编号顺序进行,切记不要随意发车扰乱秩序。
  2. 停车时避免噪音,关闭发动机(E)关闭双闪(F)关闭爆闪灯(O)途中临时停车时,还需要打开双闪应急灯示意,快捷键(F),车辆停稳后,要拉下手刹制动器,快捷键(空格键)并按照顺序准确的排号位置停车,良好的习惯是靠养成的。
  3. 车队行车时,严禁出现超车,S形走位现象,某些特殊条件下,可以超车,如前车出现网络波动掉包情况时,和你的前车和指挥员打好招呼,等待前车开启双闪靠边让路时,在超车掉包人员等待自觉驶入车尾。
  4. 行驶途中,如有队员临时有事,需打开双闪,尽快靠边停车,当(指挥车)未停止时,后车可不用打招呼,看到示意灯后直接超过该车,继续行进并全速追赶车队
  5. 当途中发生事故时可使用快捷修复,修复代码在聊天框中输入/fix后(注意是小写字母,大写不可用),查看你的车损情况,500秒内只能使用一次,如再次损坏,请快速读档或返回修理厂(F7)返回修理厂时需向指挥报告车队会停车等待。
  6. 以上规则是必须遵守的,当你不能遵守时请不要加入车队,在你成功加入车队后,违反三次(分情节轻重)情节严重的会踢出车队!

#Notice to members

  1. The YY channel should be used when the motorcade is in intermodal transportation: 32759418 motorcade dedicated channel is used for voice communication. All forms of built-in voice in the game are prohibited. Voice is the soul of a team. When entering the game, you must turn down the game voice to ensure that you can hear the emergency and command during the driving process of the team. The club's sub channel password is forbidden to be leaked to prevent malicious disturbance of other cars
  2. Carry out friendly exchanges on the basis of equality and mutual respect in accordance with the 5000 year cultural history of the Chinese people, prohibit mutual spray and ridicule, and learn to understand each other.
  3. The command of the motorcade is directed by a specially assigned person. When you are not the commander, don't command casually. In the front car reporting point and the tail car communication, everyone forbids Kamei. Please don't Kamei in the process of others' talking. When others finish speaking, you will learn to respect others and you will also be respected.

#Combined transport regulations Do not overtake the first vehicle under any circumstances (except video vehicles)

  1. When departure, it is necessary to follow the instructions and the sequence of the game number. Remember not to disturb the order of departure at will.
  2. Avoid noise when parking. Turn off the engine (E) turn off the double flash (f) turn off the flash lamp (o). When the vehicle stops temporarily on the way, it is also necessary to turn on the double flash emergency light, and the shortcut key (f). After the vehicle stops stably, you should pull down the handbrake, the shortcut key (space bar) and stop in the correct order. Good habits depend on the cultivation.
  3. When the motorcade is driving, it is strictly forbidden to overtake and S-shaped walking. Under some special conditions, overtaking is allowed. For example, when the network fluctuation of the front vehicle occurs, say hello to the vehicle in front and the commander. When waiting for the front vehicle to turn on the double flashing and give way to the side, the overtaking and switching personnel will wait to drive into the rear of the vehicle consciously.
  4. If there is something temporary for the team members, turn on the double flash and pull over as soon as possible. When the (command car) does not stop, the rear car can not say hello. After seeing the signal light, it can directly overtake the vehicle, continue to move and catch up with the team at full speed
  5. In case of an accident on the way, you can use quick repair. After inputting / fix in the chat box (Note: lower case letters are not available), check your car damage. You can only use it once in 500 seconds. If it is damaged again, please read the file quickly or return to the repair shop (F7). When returning to the repair shop, you should report to the commander that the team will stop and wait.
  6. The above rules must be abided by. When you can't follow them, please don't join the team. After you join the team successfully, if you violate the rules three times (according to the seriousness of the plot), the serious one will kick out of the team!



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