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Weekly Company Stats For April 20,2020 - April 27,2020

By Peter Lokey   |   29 Apr 20:16 UTC

We hauled a total of 236 Loads, 30 in ATS and 206 in ETS. Our Top 3 Drivers in ATS were, Alex H with 6 Loads and 926 Miles. B9bot1 with 5 Loads and 3,344 Miles. stephen binkley with 4 loads and 2,267 Miles and Tied with Keith Asche for 4 loads and 1,930 Miles. Our Top 3 Drivers In ATS were, WesternNyEric with 35 loads and 19,838 Kilometers. FierceWolf with 32 loads and 17,362 Kilometers. DGAF_AK87 with 21 Loads and 10,237 Kilometers.

We drove a total of 13,000 Miles in ATS and 146,494 Kilometers in ETS.

Awesome Job Everyone. End of Month Stats Will Be Out Friday Or Saturday.


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