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Tag: NorthernLogistics
Language: English
Created: 29 Mar 04:30 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: TheNorthernAlex
Members: 45
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

VTC Website is up and running

The brand new VTC Website was published today

  |   28 Apr 18:26 UTC   |   TheNorthernAlex

Northern Logistics Convoy 2nd May 2020

TruckersMP 6th Year Anniversary ETS Convoy. As Northern Logistics VTC is now a validated VTC on TruckersMP, we would like to be a part of the events taking place on ETS2 with TruckersMP Team, TruckersMP Players, TruckersMP VTC’s and of course, our own beloved Northern Logistics VTC!

02 May 14:50 UTC   |   di_loves_planes

End of Month Stats April 2020

ATS Stats ETS Stats Profit $10,925,791 Profit 19,607,236€ Fuel Cost $92,181 Fuel Cost 123,147€ Offenses Cost $101,260 Offenses Cost 177,720€ Total Cargo Weight 5,487,857 kg Total Cargo Weight 12,325,881 kg

01 May 04:08 UTC   |   Peter Lokey

Weekly Company Stats For April 20,2020 - April 27,2020

ATS Stats ETS Stats Profit $1,022,499 Profit 5,530,846 € Fuel Cost $7,058 Fuel Cost -77 336 € Offences $6,800 Offences 47,840 € Total Cargo Weight 514,323 kg Total Cargo Weight 3,709,246 kg

29 Apr 20:16 UTC   |   Peter Lokey

New rig for American Truck Simulator

Mack Anthem® now available for all owners of American Truck Simulator

28 Apr 18:22 UTC   |   di_loves_planes



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