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The Important Message through Virtual Trucking

By JoeeRamirezz   |   06 Nov 2021 05:34 UTC | Updated on 06 Nov 2021 05:36 UTC

If someone isn't into video games, it is easy for them to shake their head at someone that sits for 5 or 6 hours staring at a screen "not amounting to anything." They might ask, "why would you play an 18 wheeler simulation when you can go out and do the real thing?" The game isn't to make you believe you're a real truck driver, it's an escape from reality and tranquility knowing that you're going to have a great time trucking with your peers and fellow virtual company members. Like sports, arts, entrepreneurship, or anything else that you'd like to do in life, American Truck Simulator gives us an opportunity to show everyone what we're capable of. A chance to be in a safe environment and show everyone our creative skills through truck customization and driving abilities. We love video games, and in a way, American Truck Simulator and TruckersMP takes skill, patience, and determination. If you love this game and community, know that your love is valid. A community that is very unique for the type of game play that takes place. Many will not understand, and that's okay. Our community is unique for a reason. Everyone has their journey; We're just fortunate enough to be part of such a united community.

Don't forget to give a honk on the road if we come across down the road, and Keep the shiny side up and the greasy side down.


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