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Tag: OTR Trucking Co.
Language: English
Created: 13 Jul 2019 16:52 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: rmunozinpr - TwitchTV
Members: 55
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

Pre-UTAH Public VTC/Ower Operator Convoy

OTR Trucking would like to invite any and all VTC's and Owner operators to the Pre-UTAH Public VTC/Owner Operator Convoy.

03 Nov 2019 19:25 UTC   |   rmunozinpr - TwitchTV

Last Convoy of The Month

Join us for our last weekly convoy for the month!

28 Oct 2019 21:54 UTC   |   JoeeRamirezz

Being on Top

We are currently coming to the end of another month, can we continue to make history by being the only VTC with the most 1st place finishes on Trucksbook - ATS

28 Oct 2019 21:54 UTC   |   JoeeRamirezz

Being on Top

Working on the TOP spot, 5 months in a roll

26 Sep 2019 16:50 UTC   |   rmunozinpr - TwitchTV

News Update

OTR Trucking Co. #1 4 months in a roll

02 Sep 2019 14:35 UTC   |   rmunozinpr - TwitchTV



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⛟ Requirements:

  • Age 21+ (NO Exceptions)
  • Discord Account
  • ATS/ETS2 Game (DLCs Optional)
  • TruckersMP’s Mod App
  • World Of Trucks Profile
  • Trucksbook Client App
  • Gamer Tag Matching On All Platforms
  • Virtual Speditor App (Load Creator)