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By rmunozinpr - TwitchTV   |   07 Oct 2022 15:41 UTC | Updated on 07 Oct 2022 15:45 UTC

The Begining

As many of you that have been a fan of SCS's game called American Truck Simulator, TMP has been part of it. After just playing ATS for a week, over 5 years ago, I discovered TMP and what they had to offer to so many people, a massive muliplayer server. I have seen the server grow from 100 to 200 and then 200 to 500 throughout the years.

The Glory Days

ATS on TMP has never seen it better than the year that SCS released Colorado, which in return filled the TMP Server with 600 to 800 players but the true glory was when ProMods Canada was introduced and then the server was filled to the point to where TMP had to increase its size because there was a queue just to get on the US Server, we are talking about more than 1,200 players, trucking in a ATS Server. Those were the glory days

Where Are We Now

SCS came through with one of their promises, they introduced SCS Convoy Server. The idea that SCS had in plan came to be but it took such a large toll to what TMP had done. All thought there are far more players the prefer Single Player over TMP according to Steam, the total amount of players playing the game versus the amount of TMP. I believe that SCS had taken players from TMP, but also you must factor in the way the game moderation has taken its toll as well. I believe game moderation purpose is to control (Ban) the trolls that like to reek havoc in the game, not ban those that have near misses or get into small accidents. Enforcing rules violation to a certain degree will only see where we are today, low numbers of players on all 3 ATS Servers.

Can We Get Back To Where We Were

I believe there are a few things that TMP offers over SCS's Convoy Server, but there a few few things TMP must do to grow once again. 1st: TMP must offer all VTC the opportunity to promote their VTCs within the game not only to attract new members but have current members see their VTC represented in the game. Their are so many Billboards in the game and new one that can be added.
2nd: Offer VTCs the ability to show one paint skin of the company, on one trailer type.

How do you go about it, Rent out billboard space, rent out the use of your company's skin, you also must take into consideration the size and the activeness of the VTC.

I am sure their are lots of creative ideas, these must be shared.

If you have any ideas, share them with TMP, lets see if we can see those Glory Days that were so enjoyable.


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