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Time for a new Event

By rmunozinpr - TwitchTV   |   14 Aug 2023 16:38 UTC | Updated on 14 Aug 2023 16:40 UTC

* # Special Event

As SCS Software recently released Oklahoma and the W900 Tuning Pack, TMP has seen an increase on the ATS US-Sim-Server. This show potential if either SCS or TMP would come up with a large Event, TMP is in a great position too also increase even more.

Like in the past when SCS held an amazing event called Operation Big Sur, that saw so many drivers on TMP that there were traffic jams to just deliver your loads off. I believe such an event like this can be recreated by SCS or TMP but this time in the quarries of Clifton. Create a two month long event to the bottom of the Clifton Quarry in which we must haul out Sand, Gravel and light equipment. There are many ideas to increase the numbers on TMP and they have somewhat increased, lets not let it die down again.


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