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Language: English
Created: 04 Sep 2019 22:14 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [WTLVTC-CEO] Senka Wolf
Members: 20
Recruitment: Closed

Latest VTC Posts

WTLVTC | First Convoy

How our first convoy back went!

05 Feb 20:30 UTC   |   [WTLVTC-COO] Michael

WTLVTC | Convoys

About our weekly convoys.

21 Jan 01:26 UTC   |   [WTLVTC-COO] Michael

WTLVTC | History

Learn a little bit more about our VTC!

21 Jan 01:24 UTC   |   [WTLVTC-CEO] Senka Wolf



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If you are interested in joining, please read the following.

  • You are to have a discord account.
  • You are to have a legal copy of ETS2 and/or ATS.
  • You are able to attend regular convoys and events.
  • You are able to download and use Trucksbook.


[WTLVTC-CEO] Senka Wolf
[WTLVTC-CEO] Senka Wolf
Chief Executive Officer
[WTLVTC-COO] Michael
[WTLVTC-COO] Michael
Chief Operations Officer
General Manager
[WTLVTC] DubStepMad
[WTLVTC] DubStepMad
Technology Officer
[WTLVTC] TheBaconDoctor
[WTLVTC] TheBaconDoctor
Convoy Operator
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