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[News from TruckersMP] Official Partnerships

By [ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe   |   21 Oct 2019 06:55 UTC

[来自 TruckersMP 的新闻] 官方合作伙伴

Oct. 9th, 2019

Dear truckers,

Today, we are announcing the next step in supporting, engaging and championing the community projects that contribute so much to TruckersMP and our community. A little over a year ago, we presented our Community Contributors project, where we recognize significant contributors to our community, be it via streaming, helping others or running events. We are today launching our Official Partnerships program.


今天,我们宣布接下来我们将吸引并支持那些为 TruckersMP 和我们的社区做出了巨大贡献的社区项目。一年多以前,我们推出了社区贡献者项目,在这个项目中,我们通过直播、帮助他人或举办活动来表彰对社区做出重大贡献的人。我们今天启动了我们的官方伙伴计划。

What is meant by Official Partnerships?

The Official Partnerships program is a way of connecting with various instances of the community that are seen to be providing a genuine and high quality service to their users, contributing in major ways to TruckersMP and our global community and have a mutual aim to improve the experience of their projects. Official partnerships allow us to collaborate, engage with and champion these instances and work together to provide even better features and services.


官方合作伙伴计划是一种结合了被认为为他们的用户提供实在的高质量的服务的各种社区项目,以一种重要的方式为 TruckersMP 和我们的全球社区做出贡献,并拥有一个共同的目标来改善他们的项目的经验。正式的合作伙伴关系使我们能够协作、参与并支持这些实例,并共同努力提供更好的功能和服务。

Who is involved?

It is important to remember that our official partners are not staff, but will be involved with areas of the staff team and work closely together. So, we are happy to announce our first two official partners:

  • ProMods - after weeks of working hard and discussing with each other, we have decided to join hands with the team at ProMods and combine efforts. As has already been announced, this partnership brings with it support for ProMods v2.42 in TruckersMP, a development that we are so excited to bring to you very soon. ProMods has been an amazing project, providing players with maps like no other - detail, realism and a generally fully immersive trucking experience. It is important to note that we will have another blog post relating to ProMods closer to the release so stay tuned. View the FAQ blog post here.

  • Truckers.FM - a long running community-run radio station, this project is dedicated to the trucking community. Be it providing quality radio 24/7, running events for their listeners or engaging with their community in Discord, they are one of the largest communities that contributes significantly to ours on a regular basis. London, cofounder and manager of Truckers.FM, said "TruckersMP has always played a big role in our radio station. Many listeners rely on our traffic reports and news to receive information while on the roads with their friends. We broadcast adverts for VTC's, events, streamers and all things truck sim, allowing listeners to be in the know of what's happening in the world of ETS2, ATS, TMP and beyond! With 4 years of radio experience behind our belt and being TruckersMP biggest radio station, we are proud of what we do and we have a team of incredible people who bringing round the clock entertainment to your cab. We are excited to be teaming up with the fantastic team behind the biggest multiplayer modification for trucking. We believe this to be a perfect fit for our station, and we are also excited at the prospect of future collaborations such as distributing exclusive updates, teaming up for official events, giveaways and more!".



  • ProMods — 经过了几周的努力工作和互相讨论,我们决定与 ProMods 团队携手合作,共同努力。正如已经宣布的,这个合作伙伴关系带来了对 TruckersMP 支持的 ProMods v2.42,我们很高兴很快就会为您发布这一进展。ProMods 是一个令人惊叹的项目,它为玩家提供了独一无二的地图——详细、真实,以及完全沉浸其中的卡车运输体验。值得注意的是,我们将在 ProMods 发布临近发布另一篇文章,敬请期待。点击这里查看常见问题。

  • Truckers.FM — 一个长期运行在社区的电台,这个项目是专门为卡车社区开展的。无论是提供高质量的全天候广播,为听众举办活动,还是在 Discord 社区中互动,他们都是为我们的社区做出稳定长期重大贡献的最大的社区项目之一。London(伦敦),Truckers.FM 的联合创始人、经理,他说:“TruckersMP 一直在我们的广播电台发挥着重要作用。许多听众和他们的朋友们在驾驶在路上时依靠我们的交通报告和新闻来获取信息。我们播放 VTC、活动和主播的广告,以及其它一些卡车模拟相关的事物,让听众了解 ETS2、ATS2、TruckersMP 以及更多的卡车世界上正在发生的事情。作为TruckersMP最大的广播电台,我们有4年的广播经验,我们为我们所做的一切感到自豪,我们拥有一个优秀的团队,他们为你的驾驶室带来了全天候的快乐。我们很高兴能因为卡车运输进行最大的多人游戏修改而形成团队,我们相信这将完美适合我们的电台,我们也期待未来的合作,如独家更新,合作组织官方活动,赠品,甚至更多!”

What are we set to gain from this?

Official Partnerships allows us to work closely with our partners, to learn from them and collaborate together to improve each others' projects and provide even better features and services. For our partners, it allows them to receive information, discuss project launches and strategy with TruckersMP and access special features. For us, we can reach a larger part of the community that perhaps we ordinarily cannot reach and are also able to provide features to our community to improve the game play experience.



How can I be an Official Partner?

Our official partners are exclusive and are chosen from a very specific set of criteria. It is also important that both projects can benefit from a partnership, so we don't accept them lightly. If you think you have something to offer and would like to talk about partnerships between yourself and us, we will be more than happy to engage with you via feedback. Please get in contact via the Project Management category and a member of our senior staff will get back to you.


我们的官方合作伙伴要以我们为独家合作伙伴,我们会通过一套非常具体的标准选择。同样重要的是,两个项目要能够从另一方中获益,因此我们不会轻易接受。如果你认为你有什么可以提供的,想和我们谈谈您和我们之间的合作伙伴关系,我们会非常乐意地通过反馈渠道与您取得联系。请通过 Project Management(项目管理)分类联系我们,我们的一位高级员工会给您回复。

We are very excited to be launching this program and hope that it will bring more amazing and exciting features in the future. We look forward to hearing what you think, and you never know... maybe you will be our next official partner!


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