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🚚 | Wolves™ Public Convoy I 12/03/2021

By Next7   |   15 Mar 2021 16:52 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hey everyone!

We hosted a public convoy on 12 March 2021. Our jorney started in the center of Bystrica and ended in Olsztyn. We had a quiet ride on Eastern European roads.


As soon as we left Bystrica, we made our way to Krakow. Everyone in our convoy proceeded diligently. We continued north from the city of Krakow without any mishaps.


We continued as far north as we could, driving past the city of Lublin towards Warsaw. As we approached Warsaw, we turned our course east and then north again and set off for Bialystok.The real reason we chose this route was because of the beauty of the roads.

After a long journey finally we reached to Olsztyn.


Thank you for reading this story.

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