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🚚 | Wolfpack is on the road again! - Private Convoy - 17/03/2021

By Next7   |   17 Mar 2021 22:50 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hello Everyone!

We had a great trip again. Let me tell you the details!

We were on ProMods this time!


Our journey began in Akureyri, Iceland.As soon as we left the city, we continued on the snowy roads! There were moments when there was snow all over us! Our drivers had to show off their skills at some point.Otherwise they could have been stranded. After the snowy journey, we arrived in Seyoisfjörour.


Time to take the ferry!


We took the ferry om Seyoisfjörour port and went to Torshavn port. We've entered the territory of the Faroe Islands. After a very short journey, we took the ferry again.The port we were going to this time was the port of Thurso.

Yes, we were in Scotland now. Is that the bagpipes I hear?


We haven't forgotten to drive according to UK road rules. Yes, this time we were surrounded by green. We continued our way intertwined with nature. We crossed a very nice bridge as we continued on our way, we were always careful about the distance.


Have we arrived in Edinburgh? Oh, yes! We 're! Our journey ended here. We all took some good pictures together!


I would like to thank our drivers who drove with us on this beautiful journey!

Thank you for reading this post.

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