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🗃️ | Memorable Photos of July

By Kenny246   |   23 Jul 2021 00:19 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Hello everyone!

In this article I would like to share some of our memorable photos for the month of July!

Whom should we start with??..

Ahhh...Lets start with the biggest nub in our VTC, which is no other than JoxyS. Although, JoxyS can be a pain he is also very good at taking photos. Lets take a look and see how talented he is.

Now if you thought those edits were good wait till you see SelimKNTR's edits! SelimKNTR's edit skills still scare all of us!

Here are just four samples of his breathtaking work for this month.

Lets also take a look at some of Giovi beautiful photos for this month.

“Au revoir” From Phillip as he leaves the tight roads of Paris.

What about RedBull aka boss baby?. How could we forget the boss baby in our VTC! RedBull is also one our top class photographers in our VTC and we are glad to have him.

Here are some of his outstanding work for July!

But wait! You thought that was all? I decided to save the best for last. So ladies and gentlemen here is best memorable photo for the month of July!

This beautiful photo was taken by Fenris Wolf

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