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By Next7   |   29 Sep 2021 00:01 UTC | Updated on 29 Sep 2021 00:04 UTC

Hello everyone,

Wolves™ continues to grow and evolve all the time. We have never been "just a VTC". We started our journey as a small group of friends and then we became a big family. We've all met new people here, and we formed a new family, a wolfpack. We made lifelong friendship.

Which people can join the wolfpack?
We are open to anyone who meets the participation requirements. However, people keep thinks that if you don't have ban you are okay to be a wolf. I can say that our most important requirement is not about your ban or your account creation date. We're looking for good friends, good family member and a good wolf. We always keep trying increase our quality, not quantity. "Life is not about the quantity of friends you have. It is the quality of the friends you have." Long story short, we don't treat people as numbers.

If you want to be a wolf, make sure that you can be part of the wolfpack. We don't want alone wolves in our wolfpack. The real question is can you act like a wolf and be a part of wolfpack? If your answer is "auuu" feel free to join us!

Please click here in order to read written requirements.

For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.

What do you do?
Mostly, playing games together. However, this is the tip of the iceberg. We are trying to help each other in everything, talking about everything. We are watching sports organizations together, watching movies together. Simply, we are having fun. Our average age is quite high. We are also helping and mentoring our young friends. We even have real life meetings. We never been "just a VTC" and we are not "just a VTC".

Are you guys only playing ETS 2/ATS?
No, not only trucking games. We are also playing Sea of Thieves, FIFA, World of Tanks, Forza 4, RDR 2, Valorant and many others. You can always find gaming mate in our server.

Can I be in your CC Team without joining the Wolves™?
Yes, please contact our Event Managers in order to apply CC Team.

I don't know English, can I join the Wolves™?
We don't expect perfect English from you. We expect you to understand and explain yourself in English. If you can't understand and explain yourself unfortunately we cannot allow you to join us.

Do you have drivers in (America/Asia/Europe/Africa)?
Yes, we have drivers from whole around the World.

Do you have special skin for convoys?
Yes, we have a special skin. Join our Discord server in order to get more information.

Can I be Wolves™ staff in future?
Yes, you can be. Just show us that you are working for the wolfpack and a good family member. We always respect people who improve our pack. Please don't forget that no pain, no gain.

Can I be Wolves™ staff without being a driver?
No. You need to show us your personality and your desire. You cannot start as a Wolves™ staff.

How can I get more information about your convoys/events?
You can join our Discord Server in order to get more information about our convoys/events?

Can I join your public convoys/events?
Yes you can. You can follow announcements in our Discord Server and you can join our convoys/events by using Public slots.

Can you help me to join TruckersMP staff team?
No, never. Please do not ask it. Never.

I made a mistake and got a ban, can you help me to unban me?
No, no way. You should accept your punishment when you made a mistake. However, if you banned by mistake you can always appeal it and then send a feedback to the TruckersMP management. It's not our business at all. Please don't forget that they have their own process. Everyone should respect their process. Nothing can do from our side.

If I join the Wolves™, will I have any privileges in TruckersMP?
You can get some privileges like using "Wolves™" in-game tag, and other verified VTC privileges. There is no any extra privileges.

Can I report someone from your VTC?
For TruckersMP in-game violations:
Yes. If you see one of our driver is breaking the rules, feel free to report him via using TruckersMP's reporting system. All players in TruckersMP network are equal. There won't be any heartbreak if you even report me.

For other reasons:
Yes again. If you have any problem with our drivers or staffs feel free to contact our Founder, CEO, COO or General Managers in order to solve your problem.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our management.




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