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Tianfeng Logistics Recruitment requirements|天枫物流招聘要求

By feng - zi   |   20 Mar 2020 10:51 UTC | Updated on 21 Aug 14:49 UTC

感谢您有兴趣加入天枫!在完成我们的申请之前请确保您阅读以下要求,所有天枫会员都应满足以下要求: • 您必须年满18岁,并确保游戏不会影响现实和学习,如果你是一个学生 • 你对他人的态度是积极和友好的 • 你应该有在大型活动听从管理指挥的理解和能力 • 在提交申请之前,必须满足要求及通过天枫管理层同意 • 必须有任何 TMP 禁令/冒犯公开查看(仅供申请使用) • TRUCKERSMP帐户注册时间至少2个月大(仅供申请使用) • 85小时的欧洲卡车模拟器2游玩时间必须在 Steam上公开(仅供申请使用) • 你必须始终遵守卡车司机MP规则,并以负责任的方式驾驶 • 请你在申请加入前确认拥有以下 DLC:全地图包及各车辆改装包和克朗货柜包及中国涂装包 • 天枫的前缀标签(从TAB 菜单中编辑)应随时使用,除非获得其他许可 • 在所有公共活动和大型活动中,天枫油漆作业必须在卡车和拖车上使用 如果您仍然不确定某些要求和规则,请随时加入我们的接待群,我们将尽快通过接待群返回您,祝你好运!

Thank you for your interest in joining Tianfeng! Before completing our application, please ensure that you read the following requirements as all Tianfeng Members are expected to meet these: • You must be at least 18 years old and make sure the game doesn't affect reality and learning if you're a student. • Your attitude towards others is positive and friendly. • You should have the understanding and ability to follow the management command in large-scale activities. • Before submitting the application, the requirements must be met and approved by Tianfeng management. • There must be any TMP ban / offence for public viewing (for application purposes only). • TRUCKERSMP account registration time is at least 2 months old (for application only). • 85 hours of European Truck Simulator 2 play time must be disclosed on steam (for application only). • You must always follow the truck driver MP rules and drive in a responsible manner. • Please confirm that you have the following DLC before applying for membership: full map package, vehicle modification package, Krone container package and China painting package. • Tianfeng's prefix label (edited from the tab menu) should be used at any time unless other permission is obtained. • In all public and large events, Tianfeng paint work must be used on trucks and trailers. If you are still uncertain about some requirements and rules, please join our reception group at any time. We will return to you through the reception group as soon as possible. Good luck!


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