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Language: Chinese
Created: 24 Oct 2019 09:40 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: feng - zi
Members: 117
Recruitment: Open

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Tianfeng logistics team entry rules丨天枫物流入队规则

Tianfeng logistics team entry rules丨天枫物流入队规则

  |   20 Mar 2020 10:55 UTC   |   feng - zi

Tianfeng Logistics Recruitment requirements|天枫物流招聘要求

Tianfeng Logistics Recruitment requirements|天枫物流招聘要求

  |   20 Mar 2020 10:51 UTC   |   feng - zi

Legacy Freight Services 4 Year Anniversary Event (2021/07/24)

Legacy Freight Services 4 Year Anniversary Event Jul. 24th, 2021

24 Jul 2021 14:00 UTC   |   Blank_TMP

WARP Convoys - July Convoy (2021/07/17)

We participated in the event WARP Convoys - July Convoy.

17 Jul 2021 12:00 UTC   |   Blank_TMP

China Tianfeng Announcement

中国天枫公告 China Tianfeng Announcement

03 Oct 2020 03:37 UTC   |   wén shū



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Thank you for your interest in joining Tianfeng! Before completing our application, please ensure that you read the following requirements as all Tianfeng Members are expected to meet these: • You must be at least 18 years old and make sure the game doesn't affect reality and learning if you're a student. • Your attitude towards others is positive and friendly. • You should have the understanding and ability to follow the management command in large-scale activities. • Before submitting the application, the requirements must be met and approved by Tianfeng management. • There must be any TMP ban / offence for public viewing (for application purposes only). • TRUCKERSMP account registration time is at least 2 months old (for application only). • 85 hours of European Truck Simulator 2 play time must be disclosed on steam (for application only). • You must always follow the truck driver MP rules and drive in a responsible manner. • Please confirm that you have the following DLC before applying for membership: full map package, vehicle modification package, Krone container package and China painting package. • Tianfeng's prefix label (edited from the tab menu) should be used at any time unless other permission is obtained. • In all public and large events, Tianfeng paint work must be used on trucks and trailers. If you are still uncertain about some requirements and rules, please join our reception group at any time. We will return to you through the reception group as soon as possible. Good luck!