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The 20th event of the truck Alliance 卡车联盟第20次活动

By feng - zi   |   25 Mar 2020 06:11 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

活动概览 主办:兄弟协会 日期:2020年3月22日 晚20:30 服务器:China TruckersCHN ∈v∈nt No.20

路线信息 1号线:陶格夫匹尔斯---塔林 2号线:利耶帕亚---塔林

参与车队: RK COS FH 明心 斯堪尼亚中国 TRT 初心 ST CDT GTR 战狼 血屠 天枫 振兴

活动须知 1.请各车队听从现场指挥; 2.联运过程中禁止超车、飙车、随意撞车 3.定给车队队员讲清楚,依次前进。保持良好的行进秩序是为了保护其他车及自己车队的队员能有一个 良好的游戏体验; 4.告知车队成员,禁止随意占用游戏内公共语音频道,禁止在公共文字聊天刷屏;

Overview of activities. Sponsor: fraternal Association. Date: 20:30 in the evening of March 22, 2020. Server: China TruckersCHN ∈ v ∈ nt No.20.

Route information. Line 1: Togf Pierce-Tallinn. Line 2: Liepaya-Tallinn.

Participate in the team: RK COS FH enlightened heart Scania China TRT first heart ST CDT GTR Wolf Warriors blood slaughter Tianfeng revitalization.

Activity instructions.

  1. Please follow the command on the spot. two。. Overtaking, racing and random crashes are prohibited in the process of intermodal transport.
  2. Be sure to make it clear to the members of the team and move forward in turn. To maintain a good marching order is to protect other cars and their own team members to have a good game experience;
  3. Inform the members of the team that it is forbidden to occupy the public voice channel in the game at will and to brush the screen in the public text chat.








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