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Language: Dutch
Created: 03 Apr 21:13 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Born To trucker
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Recruitment: Open

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afscheids konvooi van belgium roadhunters

gister hadden wij een convooi van belgium Roadhunter

02 Jul 16:07 UTC   |   Born To trucker


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Amart Logistics | July Convoy

Amart Logistics | July Convoy

Starting 14 hours from now



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Lines What we absolutely do not want in our vtc -foul language -no serious swear words -sexual harassment -disrespectful behavior towards fellow members -Aggressive

  • threatening -racist
  • Misleading or otherwise objectionable contributions are not allowed. If detected, the offender will be addressed and an official warning will follow. committing other offenses that do not belong in the VTC, you do not do that in a company either With 3x warning, a server is muted for 1 week If you have been warned 5 times in total, you will be banned for 1 year And if you continue after that, the ban on the VTC is permanent Only if this is not obeyed and if the server rules are violated If this is violated again after an official warning, you will be fired from the company.

It is not allowed to promote and/or refer to other VTCs. Violation will result in dismissal and a permanent ban.

You must have a working microphone. Driving is serious and realistic. But there is a speed limit, you can't go faster than 100 km.

Intentional ramming, blocking, wrong driving, trolling or otherwise non-serious behavior will not be tolerated. Upon discovery, a conversation with the perpetrator follows If you want to drive for fun or with a car, you can do this but remove your tag name. This is to prevent people from getting the wrong idea about our company.

New drivers: New drivers who are hired are given a 14-day probationary period to prove that they can hold the rank of 'driver'. If during the probationary period it appears that the rules are being broken, you will be held accountable.

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