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Scout Car Survey!

Interested in having a say on the future design of the Scout car? Well check out the following survey to let your ideas be known!

You can find the survey here.

1.42 for both games is now supported!

We are happy to announce 1.42 support for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator!


Tag: Arab Transport VTC
Language: Arabic
Created: 11 Nov 2019 15:53 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [ATVTC] Med Ali
Members: 339
Recruitment: Open

Our Events

Arab Transport 2 Year Anniversary

Arab Transport 2 Year Anniversary

05 Nov 18:30 UTC



Event Server

205 8 24

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Our Gallery

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Latest VTC Posts

Arab Transport's Ramadan Public Convoy

Arab Transport's Ramadan Public Convoy

26 Apr 14:28 UTC   |   [ATVTC] Ihab

The Driver of the Month and the King of the road

The Driver of the Month and King of the road of march, 2021

17 Apr 11:39 UTC   |   [ATVTC] Ihab

Happy Ramadan Month

Happy Ramadan Month to everyone

16 Apr 09:32 UTC   |   [ATVTC] Ihab

Our Control Convoy Team in ICG's March Convoy

The organization of ICG's March Convoy by our Control Convoy Team

26 Mar 10:55 UTC   |   [ATVTC] Ihab

Arab Transport's March Convoy

Join us on our March Public Convoy

16 Mar 09:26 UTC   |   [ATVTC] Ihab


Events We Are Attending

Pries October Convoy

Pries October Convoy

27 Oct 18:00 UTC



Event Server

120 20 16

Rising Logistics Convoy #67

Rising Logistics Convoy #67

29 Oct 17:00 UTC

ETS2 - ProMods



20 1 5

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✔ You are at least 16 years old.

✔ You must have a clear Mic.

✔ You have played over 100 hours of ETS2 or ATS.

✔ Respect for the rest of the members within the team.

✔ You must always abide by TruckersMP rules and drive in a responsible manner.

✔ If you are accepted to the team, you are obliged to attend at least once a week.