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Language: English
Created: 08 May 2022 09:08 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Fezz98
Members: 14
Recruitment: Open

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RTLVTC June Monthly Convoy

RTLVTC June Monthly Convoy

20 Jun 18:00 UTC



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  1. You MUST be able to use a mic, and speak fluent english!
  2. You MUST be a MINIMUM of 16+ years of age to join this company.
  3. You MUST have a MINIMUM of 160 Hours game time on ETS2 or ATS on steam.
  4. You MUST have LESS THAN 3 Active Bans & no recent ban within the last 3 months!
  5. You are REQUIRED to make sure your bans are visible at ALL times.
  6. You WILL achieve 1,500 Real Miles a month with no job limits! (Exceptions can be made)
  7. All jobs MUST be NO MORE than 10% damage on the trailer, otherwise they will be DECLINED..
  8. We are a serious simulation company. We expect you to follow all road regulations for all the different countries in the game as well as following the TruckersMP rules. All jobs submitted MUST also be under 60 mph for ETS and under 80 mph for ATS.
  9. Confidentiality MUST be followed at all times, otherwise this will lead to warnings and or being removed from the company. What's said in the company STAYS in the company otherwise serious consequences will entail and could lead to immediate removal from the company.
  10. By leaving the discord as a VTC Member, we take the assumption you are no longer in the VTC.
  11. Upon passing your test and joining the company, you MUST have Scania LTD in your TruckersMP Tag at all times unless you are assisting with CC or Media.
  12. Company paint MUST always be used when on TruckersMP. Unless you are attending an event as a group such as attending your radio station’s colours & tags - please let management know.
  13. By Driving for our Company, you agree that this is the only VTC that you will drive for. Exceptions are external event teams and or media teams. After becoming inactive for over 4 weeks, if you fail to inform us of your absence you will be removed from the Company unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Yours Faithfully, Scania LTD Management


Director of Examinations
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