Introducing Unicode Emoji & IME Chat Support!


Greetings TruckersMP Community!

Ever since the complete overhaul of our chat system, our Game Developers have been hard at work improving its accessibility and adding new features. We’re therefore excited to announce new features for our chat system, now available on TruckersMP!

What’s new?

Our chat system now features IME (Input Method Editor) Support. That means that we now support languages that cannot be easily represented on a standard QWERTY keyboard (such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese), and support the Windows emoji picker and paste history!

IME Support (Non-Latin character input)

With the new IME support, Korean, Japanese and Chinese players no longer have to copy and paste over their text. You can now input that text directly into the in-game chat! Start using the new feature simply by typing using Microsoft Pinyin IME, Hangul IME, and others!

IME Support GIF

Windows Emoji Picker

Another new feature is the Windows emoji picker, so that you can directly put emojis into the in-game chat. Express yourself through different emojis or quickly respond to another player's comment, the choice is yours! You can start using the emoji picker by pressing the Windows logo key + . (period).

Windows Emoji Picker GIF

Windows Paste History

Lastly, we now also support Windows paste history This way, you can easily copy and paste previous copied text, how useful is that! You can start using the paste history by pressing the Windows logo key + V.

Windows Paste History GIF

Your Feedback Matters!

As with any update, your feedback is very valuable to us. We want to ensure that the new features meet your expectations and work seamlessly. Make sure to contact the Support Team if you find a bug and Community Management for suggestions and feedback. This will help us to refine and improve this update further.

But that is not all! We have made a Hot Topic as an additional way of gaining feedback and opinions from our player base. Give your opinion in the Hot Topic here.

The new features are ready for action. We can't wait for you to try them out and hope you have a blast using them. Happy chatting!

-TruckersMP Team

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