Supported DLCs by TruckersMP

Last update: 12 Sep 23:05 UTC
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DLCs yet to be supported

The "Special Transport" DLC for both ETS2 and ATS is not supported.

ETS2 DLCs that are supported:


BlackSea Baltic France Italia Scandinavia GoingEast

Tuning Packs:

Schoch Actros Tuning Pack DAFTuning MightyGriffin FHTuning

Trailer Packs:

Shwarzmuller Krone HighPower HeavyCargo

Cabin and Wheel Packs:

CabinAcc WindowFlags MichelinFan Goodyear Tyres Pack WheelTuning

Paint Jobs:

ETS2_PinkRibbon Raven Valentines ForceNature Halloween IceCold Christmas Pirate Prehistoric VikingL Fantasy Metallic FlipPaint Czech Slovak Polish German Austrian Swiss Hungarian Norwegian Swedish Finnish Danish Spanish French Italian Romanian UnitedK Irish Scottish Belgian Russian Turkish Canadian USA Brazilian Japanese SouthKorean Chinese Australian Space Dutch Portuguese Dragon Estonian Latvian Lithuanian ETS_BulgarianPaints

ATS DLCs that are supported:


Idaho Washington ATS_Utah Oregon NewMexico Arizona


HeavyCargo ForestMachinery WheelTuning SteeringCreations MACK

Paint Jobs:

ATS_PinkRibbon Christmas Halloween Valentines Stripes dragon1 ATS_SpacePaints


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