Unsupported Game Version detected - How to downgrade your game

Technical Issues

A solution for the common problem "Unsupported Game Version detected"

Supported DLCs by TruckersMP


A topic to show Supported DLCs by TruckersMP

VTC System: What is a VTC?

Virtual Trucking Companies

Do you want to know what a VTC is? Click here to find out the answer!

Where is the new AI gamemode?


A explanation on why we have not implemented the teased AI gamemode from Smoky

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  • Last update: 11 Aug 11:33 UTC

Why does the caravan not appear in the freight market?

Technical Issues

An explanation on why the caravan does not appear in the freight market.

VTC System: Rules

Virtual Trucking Companies

When creating a VTC on our website, there are some rules that you need to read and agree to! Take a read of this to find out what they are.

VTC System: How to get validated or verified

Virtual Trucking Companies

TruckersMP's system of virtual trucking companies promotes validated and verified companies. Find here how to apply for the validated and verified rank!

Commands & Keys

Getting Started

You will be able to find the commands that you can use in game and what they do.