Official TruckersMP Rules

Getting Started

Here you will find the TruckersMP Rules in English.

How to Install the Winter Mod?


A helpful guide to help you install the Winter Mod to enjoy it on the TruckersMP servers.

How to use TruckersMP exclusive content in singleplayer?


A step-by-step guide on how you can use TruckersMP exclusive content in singleplayer.

How to use the Truck Delivery Dispatcher?


Read this if you wish to know more about our exciting new feature allowing you to create and sync jobs in TruckersMP!

How to install and use DBus World with TruckersMP

Getting Started

This guide will help you through the installation process and give more information on how to use DBus World on our servers.

FAQ & INFO Regarding Bans, Reports, Appeals, Kicks and GMM Feedback Tickets

Game Moderation

This article covers everything that is related to Game Moderation. Please read through each section if you have any questions or complaints that you wish to make.

Creating Custom Bus Lines


This guide will provide all of the information needed in order to find out how to create and share custom bus lines on DBus World, to use when driving a bus on TruckersMP.


Virtual Trucking Companies

You can set permissions to certain members of your VTC on our site! Check out this guide showing you what permissions there are!

Supported DLCs by TruckersMP


A topic to show Supported DLCs by TruckersMP

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  • Last update: 26 May 2022 09:21 UTC

How to Record In-game & Upload Evidence

Game Moderation

This guide is to help users collect evidence and how to upload it.