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Language: English
Created: 09 Oct 2020 14:41 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [C.L] MauroHub
Members: 69
Recruitment: Open

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Colombian Logistics Sobre Nosotros - About Us

Colombian Logistics About Us We are a Colombian Company founded on August 27, 2020. With little experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2, we also gladly accept users from other countries. We seek above all a union between users where there is fun, respect, companionship and desire to entertain us. We make Convoys within large organizations of Latin American and International companies. We also make Official and/or internal Convoys where organization or order is our main priority. These Convoys take

  |   18 May 2021 00:01 UTC   |   EL KEES

Colombian Logistics Is Back!

Colombian Logistics has decided to remain open!

  |   24 Sep 2021 02:09 UTC   |   Memo.

Colombian Logistics | VTC Verified by TruckersMP! 🚚

Nuestra VTC ha sido verificada ✅ por TruckersMP en este post te contamos todos! | Our VTC has been verified ✅ by TruckersMP in this post we tell you all about it!

  |   10 May 2021 03:57 UTC   |   Memo.

Requirements to join Colombian Logistics

In order to join our company it is necessary that you complete all the fields we request. Once you submit them, our team of recruiters will contact you. Requirements:

  |   08 May 2021 19:08 UTC   |   EL KEES

¿Cuanto kilómetros debo hacer por mes? - How many kilometers should I do per month?

Like every company we always have goals, objectives that we set ourselves to grow, some have more challenges or requirements and some less... At Colombian Logistics we have for TrucksBook the following challenge to achieve it month by month.

  |   08 May 2021 01:25 UTC   |   EL KEES



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At Colombian, We firmly believe in quality of quantity. Our recruitment system allows us to welcome drivers who abide by TruckersMP rules and match the same levels of passion we ask of our staff and existing drivers.

To join Colombian, you must —

Be at least 15 years old. Be able to fluently communicate in English or Spanish. Have 75 or more hours in ETS2 and/or ATS (combined or otherwise). Have no bans within the last three months and agree to abide by the TruckersMP rules and drive carefully. Be able to meet the minimum activity requirement of 1,500 Kilometers or 1 convoy per month.


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