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Language: English
Created: 13 Jul 2019 14:28 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Penguin
Members: 111
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

Creating VTC Divisions: Simulation & Casual

We've heard that many of you aren't happy with the new VTC Driver quota requirements, so we plan on doing something about it!

26 Jun 21:33 UTC   |   Penguin

VTC Manager Update

We've Appointed a New VTC Manager

11 May 17:58 UTC   |   Freckleman

Weekly VTC drive

Today (april 8th 2020) we had another awesome convoy with the community! Check the this post for some screenshots.

08 Apr 21:40 UTC   |   Haagsegamer070

We got Validated!

We are pleased to announce that Plasma Trucking is now Validated.

07 Apr 11:29 UTC   |   Haagsegamer070

New Driver FAQ!

We Now have a driver FAQ! We decided to make this because its useful for new drivers, and whoever has a question. And credits to RandomWelshGuy for the suggestion :) The new FAQ will be in this news post.

28 Mar 16:33 UTC   |   Haagsegamer070



Want to know more information or have a question?

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You MUST be in our Discord Server in order to have your application accepted.

We only require you to have a dedicated to trucking and a passion to deliver (jobs)!

We have two divisions, Simulation and Casual. Simulation players must meet the following quota:

  • One (1) event a month
  • 500 in-game job miles per month.

Casual players are exempt from quotas, however do not show on our leader-boards! All new players start in the Simulation division, however you can ask to be moved to Casual at any time. This also means, that unlike other VTCs, you won't be kicked out if you fail to meet the quota, you'll just be moved to Casual Division!

Requirements for both divisions:

  • More than 3 hours play time on either game
  • All users must be over thirteen (13) years of age
  • No more than three (3) active bans
  • You are willing to follow our rules


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