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Language: English
Created: 13 Jul 2019 15:14 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [OBL] -T8M2C-
Members: 13
Recruitment: Open

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Outback Logistics NOW HIRING!

Would you like to join Outback Logistics? Well, in a few short steps you can be!

  |   13 Jul 2019 15:30 UTC   |   [OBL] D1 KIWI


Outback Logistics Returns Better Than Ever

25 Jul 2020 01:56 UTC   |   [OBL] -T8M2C-

OBL Weekly Convoys

This is all information needed about the OBL Weekly Company Convoys.

04 Aug 2019 07:20 UTC   |   [OBL] D1 KIWI

Welcome New Drivers

The opportunities as a truck driver at Outback Logistics truly are endless.So congratulations to all new probation drivers that have made it to staff.

03 Aug 2019 11:54 UTC   |   LadyOnyx


Real Operations V7 Our next edition is coming up at the end of July, so there's not long to go before you're behind the wheel and experiencing our exciting and action-filled event. Everyone is invited to join us on Sunday 28th July 2019, from 16:00 - 20:00 UTC.

28 Jul 2019 14:42 UTC   |   XBGTCOUPE73



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So in order for you to be applicable to join Outback Logistics you will need to first follow the steps. Once you have completed all steps will your application be reviewed and a member from the HR Department will organize a meeting with you to go over your application.

[1.] MUST speak English.

[2.] MUST be 16+ years of age.

[3.] MUST own American Truck Simulator (Steam Addition)

[4.] MUST have applied on Discord. (Permanent Link to Discord - https://discord.gg/sHAAEVc)

[5.] MUST be an active member of our discord server, you must be on or in the server at least 2-3times a week. (This will be monitored so don't take this as a joke.)

[6.] MUST have applied on Trucksbooks. (Company Page on Trucksbook - http://trucksbook.eu/company/21275)

[7.] MUST be able to log 10 000 miles per month on Trucksbooks.

[8.] MUST have applied on TruckersMP. (Company Page on TruckersMP - https://truckersmp.com/vtc/64)

[9.] MUST add the company tag [OBL] at the front of your username on http://www.truckersmp.com/ For example; [OBL] Outback Logistics.

[10.] ALL Usernames MUST be the same on TMP, Trucksbooks & Discord (The [OBL] tag is only for TMP purposes)

[11.] MUST have 1 Company Truck & Trailer for convoy/event purposes.

At the commence of employment ANY new staff employee will undertake a 1 Month Mandatory Probation Period to decide whether this is the company for you and if HR Department see you fully fit to join Outback Logistics.


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