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Retrospect of 13th TruckersCHN Convoy

  • As we mentioned before, yesterday (10 Aug 2019) we held and participated the TruckersCHN 13th convoy event together with other profound Chinese VTCs. We estimated before the event that the maximum number of participant would be approximately 300 but in fact it was more than 450, almost reaching the limit of the server, which is 500.
  • With the powerful supports of TruckersMP staffs (Game Moderators, Event team, Community Managers, etc) and TruckersCHN management team, the event went smoothly. We appreciate all the helps made by TruckersMP team and TruckersCHN, along with the participations of truckers from all participating VTCs.
  • Presented below are some beautiful screenshots taken by CEO of Chenxi VTC, Maoge

Event staffs image image VTC photos image image image image image image image image image image image Ending pictures image image

We are very grateful, again, to the extraordinary efforts of everyone to the event. See you all at next time, 14 Sept 2019.

Parrticipated VTCs (rank w/out order): GTR VTC Chenxi VTC Sanren VTC RK VTC Tianming VTC Scania China VTC Zhenxing VTC Chuxin VTC Lingfeng VTC COS VTC Fenghuo VTC Tianyu VTC Longhun VTC QHZ VTC Dingfeng VTC VOC VTC ATS VTC and some truckers without VTC


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Aug 11, 2019

By [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund   |   11 Aug 2019 02:51 UTC


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