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Job-Logging Features Added with a Brand-New Chenxi

By [TR-Team]*EM_Edmund   |   05 Mar 2020 18:21 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Greetings VTC Drivers,

Some of you may have noticed that we have promoted our TrucksBook and VT-Log (original version) sites to all of our members through our social media platform, which means that everyone in Chenxi is now open to apply for the company of Chenxi VTC and log jobs for us via these two applications.

Perhaps someone remembered that we have promoted these two features last year. To be honest it's 100% true, but it was just trial period as we need some time and some of our staffs to test if these two applications could be applied to our general operations. It was denied by VTC leader since it went against the overall VTC plan. It has difficulties to be used by our members and occasional failures to synchronize data due to local Internet issues that forced us to reconsider their promotions. However, after our recent voluntary cancellation of the VTC verification status, we have some major changes regarding the VTC orientation. These changes give our drivers more freedom on our general convoys and allow us to show more ordered in VTC-participating events. As a result, the proposal of applying Trucksbook and VT-Log has been re-accepted and now an official thing in Chenxi.

Trucksbook and VT-Log have many unique features that worth exploring. Buy before using them, be sure to create an account for each one, apply to Chenxi VTC for both and install the two clients. VT-Log is easy: once you successfully install the LOGIT, it will automatically work whenever you play either ETS2 or ATS. For Trucksbook, you should everytime launch the TB_client and login to your account in background before you start your games. In trucksbook, one can be dispatched cargoes to deliver, both by oneself and with others, which eases our concerns to deliver cargoes together within VTC. And in VT-Log, your overal driving behavior will be uploaded to our site, plus recalculate the profit to prevent any unfairness made by level difference, Mods and save-editing. It will be a good criteria for us to judge if one is an active, skillful and safe driver.

Last but least, DO NOT forget to apply for our Trucksbook company via here and VT-Log company via here. Stay tuned that some new features (e.g. delivery competitions) regarding this will come to y'all and have a good trucking.


Chenxi VTC-Edmund
04 March 2020



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