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Meet the VTC Management Team

Without the contributions of our Management Team to the VTC, Chenxi could never, ever be what we are!

Greetings all,

During the one more year since our establishment, our VTC have been becoming more international and extensive. We have recruited more than 400 members and there are approximately 30 newcomers under examination to be admitted. Due to the large quantity of works to operate such a big organization, the Management Team comes to existence, with the common duty of allowing the VTC to go smoothly. It is this team that enables our VTC to gain the current achievements. Well, let's first take a look of the upper staffs who deserve upmost glory for their remarkable efforts. 😄

Upper Staffs


Maoge, the Chief Execution Officer CEO in charge of the VTC's comprehensive development in any kinds, is the one whose final approvals are required for important decisions focusing on some specific situations. He is the founder of our VTC, starting couple of players with same interests to truck together. It is his effort that achieves the greatness of Chenxi.


Sange, the Chief Operation Officer COO in charge of general VTC managements and drafting event initiatives, has responsibilities to seek for sources and arrange overwhelmingly for every event to eliminate all the possible issues. He is our backup captain that brings VTC members extraordinary gaming experience and offers supports for players' problems.


Edmund, the Translator and Media Manager, is in charge of translating all the game-related articles and moderating all VTC social networks. He provides VTC members with translation support to minimize every their language obstacle and posts all the VTC-related articles to VTC homepage, plus getting in touch with TruckersMP as a representative of Chenxi.

Moreover, we still have many praiseworthy staffs distributed into the following 5 departments:

Human Resources Department Training Department Support Department Event Team Translation & Media Department

  • Human Resources Department

Xinye222, HR Manager, in charge of recording changes of members' positions and review of admitted applications

  • Pac, HR Staff, in support of HR Manager's works.
  • Tank, HR Staff, in support of HR Manager's works.
  • Training Department

Yanyu408, Trainer Leader, in charge of inspections of application, training and examination of new applicants

  • Shirushi, Trainer, in training and examining applicants.
  • White230, Trainer, in training and examining applicants.
  • Support Department

Save.M.L.206, Support Manager, in charge of fixing technical issues and providing with relative supports.

  • APjy255, Support, provides support to Support Manager.
  • Moon Jay211, Support, provides support to Support Manager.
  • Casablanca003, Support, provides support to Support Manager.
  • Event Team

Edmund227, Event Manager, in charge of all VTC event as both participant or the host, managing event schedule for VTC.

  • Fish Fillet012, Convoy CC, in charge of CC(Convoy Control) and specific event arrangements.
  • Moon Jay211, Event Team, comes out with plans for Event Manager and offers moderation supports during events.
  • Gungun111, Event Team, comes out with plans for Event Manager and acts as convoy lead during every convoys.
  • Translation & Media Department

Edmund227, Translation Manager & Media Manager, in charge of translating all English contents and VTC news posts.

  • Longyin002, Media Team, records the convoys submitted to Media Manager and moderate VTC internal social networks.
  • Yilia366, Translator, help members to understand in-game English contents.

The Management Team shapes a cornerstone of our VTC. We hereby appreciate their contributions.

Chenxi VTC

Sept 6, 2019

By [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund   |   06 Jan 02:36 UTC


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