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Introduction of VTC-Featured Paintjob Design

By [TR-Team]*EM_Edmund   |   20 Apr 2020 00:09 UTC

As you may noticed, recently our convoy truck have worn uniform a sort of uniform paintjob in official convoy and multi-VTC convoys. At this moment, We hereby announce that our VTC-featured paintjob design has been officially published for further participation of events and the promotion of our VTC. While free-ramming, please drive this truck design at your most activeness. We appreciate your support to our VTC.

Details about the VTC-featured paintjob design:

We use Starlight Burst paintjob as base design, which can be bought via Steam Community Market, only less than $0.3 in total. You can buy the paintjobs via here(Truck) and here(Trailer). Please edit bottom and strip color to black, top color to white, and color of stars as red.

Conceptual photos:

image image


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