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Event Review of TruckersCHN 15th Convoy


As the news posted earlier, we held an event called TruckersCHN 15th Convoy. Other than the event we held before, in this event we added some new elements: real operation memes. Other than that made profoundly by TruckersMP, as the video by clicking the Banner of ROV7 below: ROV7 Banner

Contrary to that you have seen up there, we can only handle some poor accidents due to the lack of specialty and sufficient support. In total, we only created 3 incidents, of which 2 allowed drivers to detour via opposite lane and 1 via gas station. Because I was a driver in this event, with no time making screenshots and videos, the only photo of accident I can find taken by one of my VTC staff is that followed 😄


Moreover, in order to keep this event running smoothly, we contacted Event Team and Game Moderation Team for support to keep trolling out of server and convey useful guides to truckers. We hereby appreciate all the help of TruckersMP staffs and my special friend Lasse for dealing with in-game reports quickly, which helped us not to be disturbed by someone with offensive activities.

Let's enjoy the pictures 😁

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Destination Aerial View

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See you all there!!!


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6 OCT 2019

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