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Announcement of Upcoming Event: Brighter Futures 2019

By [TR-Team]*077_Edmund   |   15 Oct 2019 14:11 UTC

Happy Weekend Truckers,

We are invited to participate in the Brighter Futures 2019 Event that will be held in 20 Oct. 2019. If you are leisure on that day from 21:00 to midnight, GMT+8, feel free to truck with us.

On the basis of TruckersMP rules, you must follow the following rules as extra restrictions, with can also be found in discord (rules that don't apply on us are omitted):

  • Trailers must be parked within the Trailer Dump located on the Ferry
  • Listen to all Event Staff and Game Moderators
  • Impersonating Event Staff is not allowed
  • Participants must leave in the order given by Event Staff or Game Moderators
  • Participants are not allowed to overtake during the Convoy
  • We ask to leave enough space between yourself and the truck in front of you to prevent crashes
  • Participants are required to have a Truck and Trailer except for Event Staff
  • Advertising of any kind is not allowed except for Event Organizers

Moreover, the uniform convoy save file of VTC will be unlocked 1 hour in advance, via the game toolbox. Due to the compatibility issues, please unlock all the map-expansion DLCs except Scandinavia. If your save file shows up in the garage, please check your DLCs and reload the save file.

During the convoy

  • Please connect to the server named Brighter Futures 2019
  • You MUST follow all the VTC convoy rules and listen to CC's instructions.
  • You are prohibited to do any save-editing jobs for your save file. This include but not limit to modify external decorations, truck & trailer accessories, engine & transmission, light/light chrome & beacons, etc.


In addition, you are required to park inside the SLOT 1 shown in the picture above, during the truckfest, which starts at 21:00 GMT+8. You may not drive out of the slot before departure and park in other slots reserved for other VTCs or public. Please read the truckfest save file or dismiss your trailer during the truckfest. You could load your convoy save file or connect your trailer in Trailer Dump when the truckfest ends.

Hope y'all have a good convoy!!!


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Oct. 12, 2019


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