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By [Chenxi/COO]*Sange   |   04 Jul 2021 02:19 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

Greetings ETS2 Community Truckers,

Chenxi VTC is a Chinese VTC originally founded on July 1, 2018, with more than 400 players and in average 20 participants of daily convoys. We often organize our members to participate in large-scale events both domestically and internationally, meanwhile occasionally holding private prize-winning competitions. There are always private convoys within VTC at regular time every day. We are proud to announce our next public convoy coming this weekend,Celebrating Chenxi VTC 3 Year Anniversary We will this time depart from Budapest to Florence. We will also meet in Arcade this time, to avoid any trolling and rule violations, as do not have any GMs to deal with such situations. The route and other relative information will be followed, and due to the new version of rule released, you're welcome to use truck of any kinds other than those kickable from servers. Please schedule your time in advance to ensure that you have time to join.

  • Time: 03 July 20:30 GMT+8

  • Server: Arcade

  • Direction: Budapest to Florence

  • Route: See Below



  • 时间::2021年07月03日北京时间下午8点30分

  • 服务器:Arcade

  • 方向:布达佩斯出发,终点佛罗伦萨

  • 路线:看下图



We wait your beautiful trucks in the convoy



Best Regards,

Chenxi VTC

1 July 2021


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