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Event Invitation | Chenxi 2020 New Year Convoy

By [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund   |   09 Dec 2019 15:44 UTC


Good December community members! As you may have known, we Chenxi VTC will hold an event of Chenxi 2020 New Year Convoy, on 04 Jan. 2020, the first Saturday of 2020. This event will be the first Chenxi-held public event in TruckersMP. The server information for this event can be found here.

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This event will be supported by our unique sponsor: Scania China Co., Ltd. And they will partially provide the gifts for this event. Due to some situations regarding most participants of this event, we choose to hold this event in base map. We will depart from the second Capital aside the Rhine River-Strasbourg, and go with the North Atlantic Warm Current, till the Port city-Calais.

We hold this event as the celebration of the New Year of upcoming 2020, as well as a presentation of Chinese gaming qualifications to foreigners, to eliminate any bias and discrimination due to lack of acquaintance. We are estimated to gather more than 20 excellently-organized VTCs, either internationally well-known or with great reputations within Chinese community.

This event will be streamed via multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitch (International) Huya, Douyu, BiliBili, TikTok, Kuaishou (Chinese)

Besides to the event, we have prepared delicate steam gift cards up to $50 for you, everyone that attend the event will have the chance to win. In the meantime, we are very grateful to TruckersMP Event Team and Game Management Team for providing relative supports to this event.

Event Operation Team:

  • Responsible Person: Maoge
  • Event Organization Leader: Sange
  • International Affair Manager: Edmund

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Living a more than desultory life, open arms to poems and distant lands. Your presence means special to us.

Kind Regards

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07 December 2019


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