Chenxi VTC


Chenxi VTC Announcement to Whole Community Truckers

Dear community truckers,

At the beginning of the year, we wish all of you a happy and lucky New Year!

After careful negotiations, we decide to

  • Cancel the TruckersMP verification status.

Chenxi VTC of China, as of younger generations among TruckersMP community, has been always following the idea of “maintaining gaming environment to enhance experience for everyone”, for the purpose of improving international impressions of Chinese truckers. Due to various reasons, however, and via very prudent consideration, there is nothing alternatively we can do but to make this decision.

We are sincerely sorry to let you down for inability to achieve your expectations.

Chenxi VTC

06 January 2020

By [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund   |   08 Jan 00:39 UTC


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