Chenxi VTC


Today, our VTC has been officially established!

China-Chenxi VTC, abbr. Chenxi (CX), is a Chinese VTC originally founded on July 1, 2018, with more than 400 players and in average 30 participants of daily convoys. We have set up the Chenxi VTC official website, the VTC Forum, and the TruckersMP forum posts of VTC introduction & Convoy photos, exclusively for team members easily finding their desire contents and the communicating with other players. We have organized our crews to participate in large-scale events both domestically and internationally, meanwhile occasionally holding internal prize-winning competitions, and Every day, we organize general convoys, only for the team members to release stress on their spare times. The Chenxi VTC is devoted to become the best Chinese European Truck Simulator 2 VTC, all players who are interested in European Truck Simulator 2 are welcome to join Chenxi.

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VTC Trailer


We appreciate the works done by TruckersMP team for the establishment of this VTC system


Author: Sange

Translator: Edmund

China-Chenxi VTC

July 14, 2019

By [Chenxi/COO]*Sange   |   20 Aug 2019 00:51 UTC


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