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Retrospect of Events | May 2020

By [Chenxi/EM]*Edmund   |   22 May 05:16 UTC

This month, we experienced a lot together with the 6th anniversary of TruckersMP, out of which there are several events that we have participated and held.

  • Public Police Car Convoy in #TMP6 Server
    To celebrate its 6th anniversary, TruckersMP opened the TMP6 Freeroam server, same as the TMP5 Freeroam, to allow players to drive police cars and do something capriciously which is prohibited in normal servers. With this server opening, in 9th May, we call on our community and VTC drivers to get police cars and have fun together. We hope everyone that participated the convoy had a great time there.

  • Asian Real Operation V2 With this name, you may be reminded of the upcoming Real Operations V9, right? However, what we are talking about is not that amazing official event held by TruckersMP, but the player-holding version event organized by our friend, ETS2MCG. Although without the unique mods coming by enclosed with all the official Real Operation events, we still witnessed many special accidents made by general players. Thanks for your invitation, MCG.

Shown below are screenshots from the two events mentioned above, thanks for taking a glance of them.


Public Convoy


Asian Real Operations

More fresh contents are coming. Stay tuned!🚚

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21 May 2020


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