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Final Amendment of Chenxi VTC Rules

By [TR-Team]*EM_Edmund   |   25 Mar 2020 06:32 UTC

General Rules:

  1. In-Game Communication: Convoy participants must join in the official channel on YY/Discord. For any participant who do not join in the YY/Discord channel to escape from managements of CCs would be directly removed from VTC. [participants may choose not to speak on YY channel, but are required to obey the command].
  2. Language: When the participants of convoy communicate on the YY channel, be mindful of not interrupting the voice of in-game convoy managers and be polite in communicating with other participants. Anyone found of using any types of aggressive and obscene language would be directly removed from the VTC.
  3. Save Editing: ALL convoy participants are seriously forbidden to modify any data of the convoy profile, via any form of save editor and/or code decryption, such as the weight of the provided truck and trailer, coefficients of engine and transmission, which could present abnormal trucking activity that affects the normal convoy process.
  4. Departure Time: The general departure time for everyday official convoys is 20:30 (UTC+8) / 12:30 (UTC time). Participants, if having missed the departure time, please patiently wait for the convoy team to finish parking at recess area before requesting for the midpoint profile.
  5. Parking: ALL participants must shut down the engine when the vehicle is safely parked at the origin, recess area and destination of the convoy route. Beacons, emergency flasher bust be turned off and the gear should be pushed to driving or neutral on the three mentioned situations. Participants who disobey the rules would be marked a warning. The third warning results in direct removal from the VTC.
  6. Convoy: During the convoy, seriously follow the rules officially made by TruckersMP. Overtaking, capriciously changing of lanes and overlapping other participants’ models via ghost mode are strictly unacceptable. Under no circumstances can driving in emergency lane be permitted.
  7. Distance: Keep the distance from adjacent players and do not intentionally collide with other participants and in-game players. If there is an accident, quickly reload the quicksave profile or press F7 to be transferred to the nearest service station, in avoidance of interfering the following trucks. Any participant violating rules of this class would be marked a serious warning, in maximum one of which is tolerable before immediate removal.

Convoy Rules

  1. Before Departure: Please park your truck safely and neatly in assigned position in advance, disabling your engine, beacons, emergency flashlights and back-up lights. Do not honk and talk or make noises on CB channels at will. Please be quiet waiting for departure commands and type space every 5 minutes in case of AFK kick. (Newcomers who capriciously placing trucks would be marked FAIL as the result of the examination of the day)
  2. During Departure: Please follow the commands of event managers to depart in proper order. Do not rush and overtake.
  3. When Leaving Cargo Companies: Please be mindful of the vehicles outside the NCZ (non-collision zone) and safely drive out of the company then the main street is CLEAR.
  4. Driving: Please drive at the every right lane (left in UK), do not drive on multiple lanes and capriciously change lanes. During convoys, participants are not allowed to overtake for ANY reasons, occupy overtaking lane, drive at emergency lane and stop without accidents. Please avoid as many accidents as possible and improve your driving skills. (Newcomers found of kinds of violations would be marked FAIL as the result of the examination of the day). More rules of this kind can be accessed at Supplementary Driving Rules.
  5. Park at Rest Area: Please follow the commands of event managers to enter the rest area with order and park neatly at assigned position, disabling your engine, beacons, emergency flashlights and back-up lights. Honking is strictly prohibited.
  6. Reaching Destination: please rapidly park your truck in loading area or immediately press F6 to cancel the job (additionally press F7→ENTER→deactivate this trailer for private trailers) and follow the commands of event managers to park at assigned position for photo-taking.
  7. After Parking: ALL participants turn off truck engines beacons, emergency flashlights and push to drive or neutral gear. No honking and frequently chatting on public channel.

Supplementary Driving Rules:

  1. Overtaking: Do not overtake without permission or command of event managers. If required to overtake, please change to overtaking lane, flashing high beams and honking to remind trucks ahead, then rapidly and safely overtake without affecting other players.
  2. Distance: Please keep distance with the closest truck ahead more than 80 meters, for fear of pileup.
  3. Truck Damage: If truck is damaged, read the quicksave or the least autosave profile, otherwise pressing F7 to transport to service station (you can change the key for quicksave to your preference). Do not block the road for unacceptably long time. Please mention event managers if offline and catch up to the tail of convoy team right after returning online. (Newcomers found of remaining unmoved on roads would be marked FAIL as the result of the examination of the day)
  4. Ping: All participants please ensure that your Internet is stable and login to Game Booster if necessary, to not affect other players due to unreliable connections. If you have overly high ping, please consciously move to the rear of convoy team.

Note: our VTC will occasionally hold large-scale examinations. Newcomers who attend the examinations will be immediately approved to be a official VTC member if perform excellently. Other newcomers whose performances are acceptable would be marked a PASS, resembling two PASS grades for general examinations.

Author: Sange

Translator: Edmund

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