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Big or small we haul

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Language: English
Created: 20 Jul 2019 22:27 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: dragoslance
Members: 5
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

Custom skins section

possibly removing the custom skins section, Member changes

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TCGT Breast cancer awareness support convoy

time zones, upcoming news

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How we do things

changing how we do things

  |   20 Sep 05:23 UTC   |   dragoslance

TCGT Breast cancer awareness support

TCGT showing support for the fight against breast cancer

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Official Truck of TCGT

Announcing the official truck of our ETS2 branch Announcing the official truck of our ATS branch

  |   01 Sep 20:51 UTC   |   dragoslance



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Requirements for TCGT are as follows:

TMP punishment history must be set to public

  1. Truck and Trailer must be in company color (cyan green)
  2. Trainees must drive with the OWNER and other staff of the VTC before getting the Driver rank
  3. Record your hauls (If nothing happens you can delete your video)
  4. Do the speed limit (Even though that's boring)
  5. Pilot car must be in company color
  6. World of Haulers (WOH) is what we use its required but if you cant install it for some reason let us know
  7. Your tag next to your icon must say TCGT [your rank] depending on your rank it does have to be in the company color
  8. 5 jobs per week, 20 per month 10. Yield to oncoming traffic/players
  9. If banned you must show the video
  10. Must know Game only Rules being 2.1-2.9
  11. Must be active 5 times a week (Discord)