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1. General rules

  • 1.01. Rules listed on apply to this Discord as well. (§1 - Service-wide rules, §5 - Disclaimer & Information)
  • 1.02. The Discord rules take precedence should there be any overlap
  • 1.03. The Discord Terms of Service and Community Guidelines are strictly enforced.
  • 1.04. Exceptions to the rules can be made by the Community Moderation Management.

2. Channel Use

  • 2.01. Text and voice channels must be used for their named purpose only.
  • 2.02. English is the only language allowed to be used with the exception of the language-specific text channels.
  • 2.03. Bot commands must be used in the #bot-commands channel only.
  • 2.04. Spoilers must be used for recent/upcoming shows, movies, games, etc.
  • 2.05. The #discord-suggestions channel is for suggestions directly affecting this Discord only, all other suggestions should be posted on the forums. If you suggest an emoji, provide a high-quality image for its use.
  • 2.06. Pinned messages and channel topics may serve as channel rules if applicable.

Strictly prohibited:

  • 2.10. Spamming, flooding (messages, emojis, reactions, pictures, GIFs) and channel hopping, extending to the use of the bots. If you hit a rate limit, you are considered to be spamming.
  • 2.11. Repeating the same bot command someone else has just run.
  • 2.12. Uselessly, overtagging and ghost tagging users and staff, including tagging with no message.
  • 2.13. Arguments that lead to unrest, including the discussion of political matters.
  • 2.14. Sharing personally identifiable information (e.g. name, address, e-mail, phone number, etc.) of yourself or others.
  • 2.15. ASCII art or anything similar, with the exception of the /shrug and /tableflip commands.
  • 2.16. Begging others to buy or gift things for you.
  • 2.17. Pictures, videos and other content that encourage dangerous driving are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: using a mobile phone while driving on a public road if deemed unsafe, driving with excessive speed on a public road, showing illegal/unsafe/unfit vehicles and/or modifications. Dashcam footage is an exception, as long as you did not cause any danger yourself.

3. Microphone and Sound

  • 3.01. Music must be played in the music voice channel only.
  • 3.02. Spotify invitations must be sent in the #music channel only.

Strictly prohibited:

  • 3.10. Playing music outside of the music voice channel, using soundboards and voice changers.
  • 3.11. Playing or adding music that has an obscenely long duration (>10 minutes) or contains profanity.

4. Advertisement

  • 4.01. Advertising is not allowed, with the following exceptions:

    • Virtual Trucking Companies (VTCs) in the #vtc-advertisement channel (once per week)
    • Streams in the #stream-advertisement channel (once per stream)
    • Presenter in the #radio-advertisement channel (once per session, no pre/post-announcements, on air only)
    • Events in the #event-advertisement channel (up to three times per event, but no more than twice in 7 days)
  • 4.02. To gain access to the VTC advertisement and leaders channel, you must submit a request in the #vtc-leader-requests channel (VTC role is required) ensuring that you meet the following requirements:

Strictly prohibited:

  • 4.10. Advertising guilds (Discord servers) directly, through invite codes, URL shorteners, or including any of these on any form of media.
  • 4.11. Any form of service (free or paid), including advertising with the use of nicknames or media uploaded on any of the channels.
  • 4.12. Sending invitations and/or advertisements to others unsolicited via direct messages.

5. Usernames and Nicknames

  • 5.01. Your name must contain alphanumeric characters only. Emojis can be used in your name provided they are combined with some alphanumeric characters.
  • 5.02. Avatars must be age appropriate and suitable for work. They cannot be inappropriate, contain sexually explicit content or gore. Whilst we cannot cover every exception, this rule will be applied in the context an avatar has been used in.

6. Inappropriate Content

  • 6.01. Posting any inappropriate content, including but not limited to explicit, epilepsy triggering or pornographic content and the distribution of media of this nature. This also includes the use of sexually suggestive emoticons.
  • 6.02. Distributing attachments or links containing viruses, malware, pirated software, etc. that are considered illegal under International law.
  • 6.03. Use of IP trackers or other malicious gathering tools is not allowed.
  • 6.04. Discussing or suggesting the use of the above is not allowed.
  • 6.05. Pictures and videos are allowed in moderation, except where they (a) provoke a religious or political debate, (b) provoke others, (c) are related to death or (d) are inappropriate for public consumption or workplace. Memes should be posted in the #pictures channel, with the exception of car related memes in car-talk.

7. ModMail

  • 7.01. These rules apply to all messages sent to the ModMail bot.
  • 7.02. We reserve the right to disable your access to the ModMail bot if we deem it necessary at any point in time.

8. Applications, Bans and Events In-Game

  • 8.01. Discussing punishments, reports, tickets, appeals, applications and complaints about staff is prohibited.
  • 8.02. Requesting Game Moderators to moderate areas in the game is not allowed, use the in-game or web report system.

9. Discord Punishment System

  • 9.01. Punishments work as follows:
    • verbal warning
    • 3x logged warnings
    • 7 day mute
    • 14 day ban
    • consecutive bans are 90 days.
  • 9.02. Punishments are logged against your user account, should you swap to a different Discord account, your previous punishments will still apply. Punishments do not expire.
  • 9.03. Exceptions can be made to the standard punishment procedure if necessary.
  • 9.04. You can contest any punishments you have received via the feedback system, selecting the “Community Moderation Management” category when creating a ticket.



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